Getting settled

Wow, time has flown since my arrival just a few short weeks ago.  I am told the paperwork will be official soon, all of this will be mine.  Maeve, the original owner has shared some of her story with me; my new home has quite a history, a story I will have to record and share.  Maeve has been here forever, born and raised here, he own father was born here as well, the cottage is over 100 years old, it has a lot to show me about life.  Maeve is trying to teach me to make soda bread, a traditional food here, but this is not as easy as you would think, no real recipe exists for her to share, she uses a handfull of this, a bit of that and somehow, like magic it turns out.  The stove is one that burns turf, this is not something I am used to, no electric range, you have to do your best to get it just right. I find the food to be different here, it is so very fresh.  The local market is wonderful, the farmers come in each friday and the produce and meat is so fresh and inexpensive, wow it is such a delight to buy fresh food, the colors are so brilliant and fresh. Meals will be planned according to what I can find fresh, as much as possible according to the seasons.  I am told that the winters here are mild, not like at home where the land is frozen for 7 months a year.  Here I can grow.

I have decided to work the land here, fall is coming soon, the gardens are wild and overgrown, but that means that the soil is fertile and waiting to be tended; I will start by clearing my kitchen garden area and the flower beds by the door, there is a huge hydrangea bush there now, with weeds sprouting up through it’s branches, if I treat it in the spring the blooms will grow blue, to match my freshly painted door, I have decided to call my new home Indigo cottage, the color of my door but also such an exotic name for a color, it makes me dream of faraway places and hopefully will invite others to do so.   


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My Journey

My journey began months ago when I was so weary of my life, and what it had become that I decided to book a trip by myself, a long trip.  I ended up joining a bicycle touring group, a way to have an adventure but be a bit controlled and feel like I was slowing down and really able to see all that was around me, I could smell the fresh air, the ocean, the sounds that surrounded me were not of cars and radios but of nature.  The day I discovered the cottage it was gray and overcast, the road was overgrown and narrow I was tired and slowed down to get away from the group when I saw the sign “B&B, rooms available” and instead of continuing on my journey as I had been doing for 8 days now, I stopped and decided to take a room, I had my bags, I needed nothing else.  No more traveling, time to sit still for awhile.  At the time, I had no idea why I was stopping, but the desire to stop was so strong that I could not ignore it, as I walked my bike up the driveway I started to look around, it was then that I noticed the gardens, they were overgrown and needed attention, the house was OLD, wow, what was I thinking? When I knocked on the old door an old woman answered, a crone I think she would be called, she was stooped over, wrapped in a lace shawl the color of slate, and I knew I was in the right place, in the window, next to the door was a sign that said for sale, this was my calling, this was what brought me here to the door.  This is where I belonged. 

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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